Updated: Feb 29, 2020

On his latest album True North (Infinita Records) Lawson Rollins offers 12 new original compositions that showcase the guitarist at the peak of his compositional skills with his melodic and daring improvisational flair on full display. From the electronic infused intensity of “With the Wind” to the plaintive bossa nova sway of “Bluewave Bossanova” to the delicate pulse of “Yearning to Know," the album spans the range of emotions and moods that have come to characterize the expansive and unexpected musical journey Lawson has offered fans throughout his career.

True North marks Lawson’s return to his signature style of acoustic nylon string guitar playing after his 2019 experimental music foray Dark Matter: Music for Film and 2018’s Airwaves: The Greatest Hits which featured the Billboard top 10 contemporary jazz radio smash hit “World of Wonder (featuring 3rd Force)”.

On True North, Lawson is back to doing what he is most known and admired for: staying true to the direction of his artistic inner compass and delivering the kind of inimitable guitar playing, creative instrumentation, and memorable compositions his fans have come to love.

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