David P Stevens has crafted a successful six album run in his career to date, and as number seven is set for a release later this month, the artist known as “Mr Guitar” may find himself with a new nickname, “Mr.Voice.”  The new single, entitled “Natural,” is a romantic duet with former American Idol finalist and vocal powerhouse, Latoya London.  David more than holds his own vocally on the track, which talks of a love that is “beautiful and made to be.”

The vocal and musical connection between Stevens and London creates a hook that is equally melodic and memorable. Fans of Stevens' guitar work should have no fear, as his solo by track's end reinforces why he has been such a sought after musician in recent years.

Vibrations, the forthcoming release from Stevens, is set for a February 14th release, and features other collaborations with artists such as Yancyy and Teri Tobin; but in the meantime, check out “Natural” and add it to your Valentine’s Day Playlist.

By Keivu Knox,

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