Updated: Feb 29, 2020

If you’re into seductive, sleek, funky, c-jazz, pianist/keyboardist Lisa Addeo has you covered on this exquisite display of musicianship, class, and loads of melody called Listen to This.

With grooves as smooth as silk and with punch, the veteran pianist–who has several recordings under her belt since the 1990s–grabs you with the magnetism of this production.

Comprised of all originals on which she is the co-author on most of the tracks along with guitarist Nils (one rack is co-written by guitarist Adam Hawley, and one is written solely by Addeo), this album moves down Groove Lane confidently with a mixture of bounce and stroll.

Here to help her paint this wonderful musical collage (in addition to Nils and Hawley) are saxmen Jeff Ryan and Steve Cole, bassists Mel Brown and Darryl Williams, and Johnny Britt and The JB Hornz, among others. It is truly a bright work of c-jazz art.

Among the tracks of note on this generous 15-track offering are the lead and title track with its sassy, mid-tempo “attitude” and strong funk presence, the up-tempo dancer called “High Heels” featuring Ryan’s effervescent sax, the slow-to-mid-tempo and richly melodic “She Closed Her Eyes in Paris,” the slow, soft, and mellow “So Much,” the sexy, soulful charmer “Little Black Dress” featuring Cole’s magical sax serenade, the bright “What Cha’ Know About That” (which possesses a musical boldness that speaks for itself), the high-steppin’ and hook-tight “Stay With Me Tonight,” two melody-rich, mid-tempo gems (“Hold, Love, Kiss” and “Touch Me In The Night” (the latter featuring some smooth guitar chops from Nils and his really sweet strings arrangement featuring Dov and The Lovestar Strings), and very stirring, alluring vocals from Addeo on “Her Intuition.”

This is a very worthy album full of golden moments and charisma. Give it your undivided attention, and bask in its glow. Two thumbs up. – Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride.

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